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Liceo Celio-Roccati is a humanities oriented secondary school situated in Rovigo, a small town (about 56.000 inhabitants) in the south of the Veneto region, north Italy. It provides general education to nearly 1000 pupils aged 14-19, who in many cases commute from a distance of up to 30/40 kilometres . The school is set in 3 different sites and includes 4 courses: an art course, a course specialising in social and educational studies, a gymnasium (teaching Latin and Greek) and a foreign language course (teaching 4 European languages). The latter course also offers the Baccalaureat diploma in French. Teaching support is offered to students who want to sit B1/B2 certification tests in all 4 foreign languages.
The school's mission is to offer its pupils as many opportunities as possible to enlarge their horizons and to stay connected with the world of reference of their studies. Therefore experiences are provided to let the students test their abilities in the different fields they are concerned with, from art exhibitions to social work placement experience, academic events or communication with foreign students through exchanges and language courses abroad.
The economy of the Rovigo province is mainly based on agriculture and has recently developed the field of small industry especially dealing with trade and services. It is a socially and economically disadvantaged area compared to the other towns of Veneto. An increasing number of pupils are at risk of social exclusion, especially those from immigrants' families. There are also evident problems of integration for disabled or handicapped children , especially those coming from culturally and economically disadvantaged families.In a view of inclusion our school also offers special teaching support to disabled students, especially in the social and educational studies’ course.
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