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The results we expect to get from the project are those arising from activities that each school will play within the school and from  activities carried out during the project meetings. Each institution will organize activities, even meetings with experts, in order to make known the current regulations regarding apprenticeships, alternating training  and internship . The land survey, carried out by the Group of teachers and pupils will show a complete framework of  institutions, associations, companies that have partnerships with schools. The meetings will also address specific subjets  in order to boost entrepreneurship and self-employment among young people, as well as recommended by the European Comission. Then we will draw up an reasoned list of all the possibilities that  students have to take courses alternative to traditional learning paths that provide permanence for 100% of the time in class. The researvch will focus on: 
1) the possibilities offered to the student who, at risk of early school leaving, while  in upper secondary  could consider
more suitable to their abilities and expectations to continue their apprenticeship training. 
2) The possibility of alternating training paths, job internships which you can follow without abandoning the course of studies below.
 3) The chance to continue studies after graduating in higher training in apprenticeship, with the integration of the University courses of study with the world of work or other forms of transition from school to the world on workplaces in the territory. 
4) the possibilities offered by businesses in the area, high school specialist training post. 
Schools shall enter all information in native language on their web sites and in English on the site dedicated to the project and about eTwinning. During the meetings of the project each institution will visit institutions, companies and local associations that operate in the apprenticeship or school-to-work alternation. Meetings will be organised to make concrete and clear the possibilities offered to all the young people of the EU to follow studies, apprenticeships, internships, in any area. The dissemination of the experiences and knowledge gained through the websites , through local media, meetings aimed at disemination on  the region in collaboration with local authorities, will disclose the real possibilities offered to EU citizens to move easily to follow in other courses, apprenticeships, alternating between school and work.
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