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The Liceo Ettore Majorana of Scordia gave officially start of operations in Ka2 Erasmus plus project entitled "How it is to live, study and work in a foreign EU country" involving nine secondary schools, including the same high school Sicilian. In the quality of the project coordinators and the school administrators, prof. Roberto Maniscalco and director prof. Salvatore Di Stefano welcomed delegations composed of 15 teachers from Tornio in Finland, Newport in the UK, Landgraaf in Holland, Leszno in Poland, Tallinn in Estonia, Landgraaf in the Netherlands, Aguilar de Campoo and Azpeitia, respectively in the regions of Castilla Leon and of the Basque country in Spain from Rovigo, in order to develop a calendar of activities for the next three years and discuss the process management and monitoring and evaluation actions. Among the school teachers were present Prof. Alessandra Ingarao, responsible for assessing and Professors. Salvatore Recovery and Nellina Iacobello project staff.

The project activities, which as we have said are developed over a period of three years, move in order to "enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training" as provided strategic objective 4 of the Council conclusions of 12 May 2009 on a strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training ( 'ET 2020'). The purpose is to allow learners to empower one of the eight key competences, "sense of initiative and entrepreneurship", indicated in Recommendation 2006/962 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006, which is often absent in traditional programming curricular.

During small cultural exchanges lasting five days, with the participation of four students and two teachers for each school, we try to inform all the participants of the possibility of undertaking apprenticeships or work placements or internships in each of the countries involved in the project activities. Each school will organize from time to time a seminar with the participation of institutional representatives, experts from the business and economic culture and business world in order to enrich the world of school to the expertise of the business world itself, and the work . Do not miss the collaboration with public institutions and local authorities. In this sense, the day of December 3, 2015, in the beautiful building of the municipal library, took place the meeting with the President of the Council, Mr.. Francesco Cacciola and the commissioner for education, Prof. Mariella Centamore that, in the absence Mayor's lawyer. Franco Tambone, held in Palermo by institutional commitments, they assured an active collaboration at the forefront in all project phases. In particular it will be provided all possible support for the organization of the week of intercultural activities that will take place first in Scordia, from 11 January 2015 and which will see the presence of the various delegations made up of a total of 32 pupils and 16 teachers foreigners. Pupils in the week will be guests of the families of their partners Majorana high school and will be able to visit the sites of greatest artistic and cultural interest of our area.


Meeting Scordia 1-3 December 2015Meeting Scordia 1-3 December 2015Meeting Scordia 1-3 December 2015Meeting Scordia 1-3 December 2015
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